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Keziah Rookes

co-FOUNDER and writer

As the Sustainability Lead and main author for the site, I want to educate as many people as possible about sustainability and how to tell the difference between a sustainable product and marketing greenwashing.

I am a member of the Sustainability & Management Masters course at Bath University, and I want to share some of that learning with my community to help them make better choices.

Having been a student for four years, I understand the difficult choices between cheaper and less environmentally friendly products and more expensive sustainable products; I look forward to sharing with you how you can make the most impact for your money.


Joseph Rookes


IT Guy and uncle to the sustainability expert (Keziah). I’m not an environmental sustainability guru, but a passionate newcomer to sustainability.

My journey towards being more sustainable began four years ago by gradually making small changes to my lifestyle to reduce my impact, these small changes have gradually become second nature in my daily life and look forward to sharing these with you.

From studying a Masters degree in Human Rights I tend to naturally focus more on the human cost of unsustainable business practices and will focus more on these topics in my articles.

The Cutler Boys at a local beach clean with Surfers Against Sewage

The Cutler Boys at a local beach clean with Surfers Against Sewage

The Cutlers

Writers & Sustainability Champions

The Cutler brothers have gradually embedded more and more sustainable habits into their daily lives. As south coast boys they’d often see plastic on their local beach, which led them into choosing a lower plastic life later on.

As regular contributors to the site, Nick and Ben will walk you through how they make little changes in their daily routine to be more environmentally conscious and reduce the single use plastics.

Ben will soon be bringing a mini Cutler into the world so look out for posts on his experiences with reusable nappies and how he balances being sustainable with the needs of his little one.