We love sustainable products and want to help you cut through the marketing spin to find only the best and most environmentally friendly products on the market.


Our Beginning

Sustainable shopper was born out of a dissertation proposal for a Sustainability & Management Masters degree to help customers compare the claims companies are making about how environmentally friendly their products are.

Thanks to the encouragement of Bath University staff I chose to buck the trend of applying for graduate jobs and instead take up a passion project to help those in my community make more informed choices in choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. - Keziah Rookes


“Knowing you want to make the right choice is great but knowing how to make the right choice is really hard”

— Keziah Rookes, FOUNDER


Our Mission

To help people navigate through the marketing claims and greenwashing to source out the best products which are ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious. Its out missions to educate and inform those who want to live a more sustainable life or even simply make more informed choices in the shopping isle.

We compare the claims, investigate the impact and rate the sustainability of products and our mission is to help you hold companies to account when it comes to being environmentally sustainable.


We don’t just work with clients who are champions of sustainable business but also small local businesses in our community who are striving to have a local impact. From sourcing sustainable alternatives to every day products to developing sustainability strategies for achieving B Corp status we can work with you to achieve your potential in sustainability, environmental protection and in developing ethical products.

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8 Million

Bits of plastic enter the sea each day.


Plastic bottles per mile of UK coast line.


Species of Bees have gone extinct in the UK


Get Involved

If you have an interest in environmental sustainability and want to become a member of our team we’d love to hear from you. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to support our mission. If you have a product that you’d like to be reviewed or claims to be investigated then let us know as its you the members of our community who we are here to help.

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